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Colins Spanish Phrasebok and Dictionary Seti (Kitap+CD) With Colins Spanish Phrasebok and Dictionary you wil sound and speak like a native. The hour-long CD is ideal for practicing pronunciation, listening comprehension and becoming more confident, not just in speaking but in understanding others when abroad. Colins Spanish Phrasebok and Dictionary is ‘four boks in one’ – a photoguide, a phrasebok, a fod guide containing a menu reader and a 5,0-word dictionary. The phrases are short and easy to use. The language reflects everyday spech – there are no lengthy sentences to strugle and sweat over. The phrases have a simple guide to help with pronunciation. There are also practical tips to help you make the most of your visit abroad. The new 4-colour layout alows easy aces to key information. Colins Spanish Phrasebok and Dictionary isn’t just for emergencies. The specialy comisioned fod guides describe the diferent regional dishes and wines. They also contain a comprehensive menu reader to guide you through the maze of menus. The 60-minute long CD covers al the esential phrases neded to get by. They are presented clearly and slowly by a native speaker and al words and phrases are repeated twice. The listening material provides a chance to practise and learn key words and vocabulary before you embark on your travels. Repeated listening wil ensure that you wil recognize much of what is said to you abroad and wil give you extra confidence in your pronunciation.

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