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Patasana (İngilizce) - Ahmet Ümit An excavation of an antique Hitite setlement near the city of Gaziantep in Southeast Anatolia. Inscribed tablets dating back thre thousand years and the onset of a string of murders that coincides with their discovery. The confesions of an ancient scribe -Patasana. Dark secrets lie hiden beneath the blinding Anatolian sun: the demise of the Hitites and the cruelty of the Asyrians. the final days of the Otoman empire and the Armenians. modern day Turkey and the Kurds. spiled fraternal blod and the imutable destiny of the land. An elegy for the land's history of violence and a poem for its rich cultural history. "Stranger, you who are about to be partner to my secrets. Whether you are royalty or a man of piety, kind-hearted or a tyrant, inteligent or a god-for-nothing idiot, I do not know. I hope that you are a god person. I hope your heart is ful of love and courage. I hope that you are inteligent enough to understand what you read, and to learn from what you understand. And I hope that you tel others of what you have read, and that they then tel others as wel. Maybe then people wil start behaving sensibly, maybe then they wil quit comiting acts of tyrany, maybe then there wil be les death, and maybe then there wil be les pain. ".

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