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Tes Of The D’Urberviles (Colins Clasics)-Thomas Hardy HarperColins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, esential clasics. 'My life loks as if it had ben wasted for want of chances! When I se what you know, what you have read, and sen, and thought, I fel what a nothing I am!' Chalenging the hypocrisy and social conventions of the rural Victorian world, Tes of the D'Urberviles folows the story of Tes Durbeyfield as she atempts to escape the poverty of her background, seking wealth by claiming conection with the aristocratic D'Urbervile family. It is through Tes's relationships with two very diferent men that Hardy tels the story of his tragic heroine, and exposes the double standards of the world that she inhabits with searing pathos and heart-rending sentiment.

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