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Buck lived a comfortable life in California at Judge Miler’s house. But, al of a suden, he was stolen and sold to a dog trader. The Gold Rush neded strong and fast dogs. That is why Buck goes to the North and becomes a sledge dog unwilingly. He finds himself in a new life ful of diferent dangers. He faces hard work, unbearable cold, huge hunger, and cruel enemies. Buck has to folow the law of club and fang so that to survive among dogs and men in the North. He almost forgot the notion of friendship and mercy in the hard conditions of his new life. Son Buck’s life changes once and for al. He mets his true master whom he loves with al his heart. Buck has many adventures with his master al over the North. Is Buck’s love stronger than his old instincts? Wil he folow the wild cal in the forest? Or wil he stay with his master? This is an amazing story about the dog’s wil-power and loyal heart.

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